The Blue Umbrella

First and foremost, This is not the review of the movie ‘The Blue Umbrella’ nor the book. This is just another rambling of mine.

As the title says, this post is about a blue umbrella. ‘The’ Blue Umbrella that I have at home and which I have been using this monsoon. Here you go.

The Blue Umbrella

Here is a picture of my blue umbrella folded neatly in a corner. It came like this, folded neatly and packed in a cardboard box. I didn’t buy it though. Its imported. 🙂 Anyway that’s what the guy who gave it to my father said. It has to be. Seems Chinese!! 🙂 My father was given this umbrella as a gift. And he was of the opinion that this umbrella was to be used as would a valet in parking. That is to take people out of the car during rain and take them somewhere close. Say in the mall, or in the restaurant or maybe during a function. But I had already fallen in love with it the moment I saw it. Love at first sight??

Would I give it for such things?? Never. Just look at its beauty when it is opened.

The Blue Umbrella - Opened

The Blue Umbrella - Opened

The Blue Umbrella - Opened

Its very wide. It could always occupy one person alongside without even the slightest rain falling on either. (Of course I know many would say, its better when the umbrella is smaller. ;-))

Its been about three weeks since I got it. I did not get much of a chance to show off this new umbrella. Then on the fifth day came a marriage of an old classmate. Despite the mocking remarks from my parents, I took the umbrella with me. I was going there with an old friend of mine whom I had not seen for about 2 years, but was in contact with via phone. I went to his house. The first thing he said was of course “Long Time! No see!”. He had not yet come out of the house when he said that. The first thing that he said after seeing me closely was “Wow!! What an umbrella!!”. It started there. At the marriage, about 40 of my old friends were there. All of them enquired about the umbrella. There was also one of our teachers, who had retired after we left, so I hadn’t seen him for some time. He also was keen on knowing where I got the umbrella. He was carrying a similar ‘Kalan kuda’ (Legged Umbrella :-)), though it was the original design and a very old one. Some of those friends even asked me if i could loan it out to them so that they could take it out to college.

The experience didn’t end there. After that I didn’t lose any chance to show it off. One thing that came to my notice was that the main people who were interested in this umbrella were the two extremes in age. Those below 10 and above 50-60, I would say, were the ones who were most interested in the umbrella. All the kids were looking at the umbrella. Today morning when I was out to buy milk from the shop nearby (while it was raining), there were some people taking their children to school. When I walk past them, the children start asking their parents “Where can we get that kind of umbrella?”. The parents seem to give a vague answer to them. Most of the time I don’t hear the answer. Anyway I am sure at least some of them would have cursed me for showing off these umbrella in front of these children. Hehe..

Not just the children, the elderly were also very interested. Some of my uncles who are 60+ saw this and were saying that they wanted it in exchange for theirs. One elderly guy in the bus took the umbrella in hand and felt it and asked the details about it.

n any case, this was one way in which I caught the attention of the people of this small town of Bdga. Since I have the camera at hand. Here you go, one more snap of it.


The only problem that I have with the umbrella is that its not upto my height. It just won’t reach and touch down. But I am still using it almost every day when I go out.

P.S. Well, I wanted some photos to come in on my blog. I didn’t find any other way I could do it. Well, here you go. A new beginning. A small step for MaxBlog, a big leap for … Hmm… Nah.. Leave it. I am not that creative.

About Maheswaran

I am a person with interest in computers. But never got interested in blogs until its too late. But now I am hooked up, but never seem to write things. So here I am blabbering around. I am a software engineer with interests in all things computer. I read a lot. All kinds of books. My latest read are anime. I see movies a lot, again all kinds, especially fantasy stuff. I also love music, all kinds and all languages. My latest craze is japanese music.
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