The Engineer Goes Vegetable Shopping

Hah! The Engineer is idling away at home and parents, especially the mother, starts fidgeting around. Go and do something, and don’t waste your time on these silly things. I want to see you doing something productive or else do some work for me.

After long days of pondering about doing something productive, I had to yield to my mother’s chores. What else could there be to do other than house hold chores like doing the dishes, hanging the clothes and of course the shopping chores. Without much doubt I said I will do the shopping things. I could at least drive the car around the town while doing that.

Shopping vegetables have been the most recurring thing in all the chores that I have been getting. When it comes to this, we all know that mothers are pretty strict about the quality that they expect. And if you have ever been shopping vegetables, you know how it can be.

The first time I went, my mother reminded me not to get certain things like onion, potato, etc. as some were still remaining. I remember that particular day being a hectic day in the market. In this small town, the market road is a small road connecting two parallel roads, one being the national highway. That makes this a central road in the town. This being the market road, lorries and small trucks are parked everywhere for unloading goods. Great!! That means no parking space for cars. I start the slow climb up to the top of the market road (well, this market road is a small climbing road) and in the very beginning itself i found a vacant space enough to fit our WagonR in. I packed it there and started off. I had a feeling that the back of the WagonR was still jutting out of the line of parked cars. Controlling my urge to fiddle with the car until its fit perfectly, I ran to the vegetables shop (which is at the top of the climb). Just about after two three steps, a middle-aged guy runs up to me stopping me. He was the owner of the shop in front of which i had parked my car. He told that the police might fine me for parking like that, so better change it. I had to go back and since it was a one-way street i couldn’t turn back. I had to take a full circle in the town to get back to the market road. This time I made sure I parked fully out of the crowd, which seemed to concentrate just on the market road. I parked about 500m away from the shop and walked the distance. After all the shopping was done, I am back home with the smile of an f1 racer who won his first grand prix. I remember buying everything that I had heard and of course put in the things that I like eating. That was the first mistake. Guess what I bought!! I bought only those things that she asked me not to buy. And of course, those which I like eating.If you dont know what to take and what not to, make a list and buy it. (Aah!! Revelation!!)

The next time, I made the list. I went there and started reading out of the list. This time the usual guy who is in the store is not there. I read out the list, he puts in the things and gives me the bag. I return home. This time it is neither the quantity of object nor the object itself that is the problem. But it is the quality. Understandable, mothers seem to have the eye for those quality vegetables out of the lot. How can we engineers do that?? Especially when we are right out of college after graduation and are sitting jobless, sitting staring at the computer all the time. Of course, I had someone to blame, the guy at the store. Of course, finally I could bring the blame back to my mother for sending me at the wrong time, the time at which the usual guy is not there. 🙂

Even now, I do some of the vegetable shopping. How do I manage?? 🙂

I mentioned about a usual guy at the store. Exactly saying, he has been the usual guy since when I was in the 1st standard or something. That makes it a long 16 year period. He did not identify me the first time, as it had been some time since I went vegetable shopping. But he identified the bag and did what was needed. This guy ensures that we get the quality stuff from his shop and also makes sure that we don’t take things that are old stock or such.

That was heaven for me. I will just write the list down and give it to him with the bag, he would just do all the things. I do something else by then and come back by the time it will be finished. Easy for me. Easy for them. Easy for everyone.

I cannot say this about all men alike. I am sure my brother is a much better vegetable shopper than I am because he has done it pretty successfully much more than I have. Maybe its just another symptom of the jobless-engineer symptom.

Another rambling of mine. Why am I writing such lame topics all around. Aah! Anyway, it counts as activity.
Too bad I am getting all kinds of positive comments from different people by phone and messages and even by mail. None of the comments that came through my blog where approvable. But who cares about comments when you can spit out about anything and everything you want.

I seem to have fallen in love with long posts. Hope this one was of a good size.


About Maheswaran

I am a person with interest in computers. But never got interested in blogs until its too late. But now I am hooked up, but never seem to write things. So here I am blabbering around. I am a software engineer with interests in all things computer. I read a lot. All kinds of books. My latest read are anime. I see movies a lot, again all kinds, especially fantasy stuff. I also love music, all kinds and all languages. My latest craze is japanese music.
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1 Response to The Engineer Goes Vegetable Shopping

  1. chembz says:

    for one sorry to have dissapointed yu but this wasn’t too long…:D
    yu no wen i now go for vegy shoppin i make sure i go to the same person everytime… and guess cos of dat now everytime he sees me he smiles takes de list n puts in stuff while i us sit simply…n ya quality guaranteed..

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