Coup d’état

Yes, Its sudden. It’s an unconstitutional deposition. ( Coup d’état ).
 I, Max, have taken over complete and unrestricted control of this blog officially from him (You-know-who?). No more questions. There has been lots and lots of conversations, that too almost everyday (And he posted some here.. Yuck!!). It was getting more and more out of my hands and this blog was not going anywhere. I knew I had to do a lot if this was to go forward. Well, he wouldn’t allow me. I asked him for a guest account in the blog. He was like “You could always ask me – I can post your things in the blog”. In a very complex language he told no to my posts.
The talks have heated up in the last days of this week. I have asked him to post about hell lot of things. I have given him all kinds of ideas to post about. But no, he won’t. He says he is busy. I gave him full content for posts – but no – he won’t post. That is when I started thinking. My name is there on top of the post. What do I get from the post after all. I get the fame that he gets. What was he posting. Conversations – and that too cheap fights – that we had. Even that he tried to bring down the heat in the conversation – and made it a bland post. And that too not just one. Two of them. This was what he called activity in his blog.
I could not take this anymore. I wanted this blog to be a better one. With more features that people look forward to. With more people coming in to read it. Ok. Now I take control. I am gonna post all kinda things in here now. Now I don’t have to worry about him coming in between and filtering out my content. That is how blogs are. Straight out of the mind. No proofreading.  Nothing. Ok.
Expect changes all over the blog in my reign. Time to clean up the blog a bit. Off to work, then.
P.S. I am in love WordPress’s Proofreading feature. Explains things better than Word. Why didn’t I see this before? 😛

About Maheswaran

I am a person with interest in computers. But never got interested in blogs until its too late. But now I am hooked up, but never seem to write things. So here I am blabbering around. I am a software engineer with interests in all things computer. I read a lot. All kinds of books. My latest read are anime. I see movies a lot, again all kinds, especially fantasy stuff. I also love music, all kinds and all languages. My latest craze is japanese music.
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