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I am a person with interest in computers. But never got interested in blogs until its too late. But now I am hooked up, but never seem to write things. So here I am blabbering around. I am a software engineer with interests in all things computer. I read a lot. All kinds of books. My latest read are anime. I see movies a lot, again all kinds, especially fantasy stuff. I also love music, all kinds and all languages. My latest craze is japanese music.

Coup d’état

Yes, Its sudden. It’s an unconstitutional deposition. ( Coup d’état ).    I, Max, have taken over complete and unrestricted control of this blog officially from him (You-know-who?). No more questions. There has been lots and lots of conversations, that too almost … Continue reading

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The Lord Of The Rings and me – A Review of Sorts

I always loved books. Reading is a passion of mine which I can justify wherever I want. Even though I am not up-to-date with the latest books or maybe the award-winning ones, I have been reading a lot. And all … Continue reading

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